The police officer background investigation process can take approximately four to six months. Applicants must:

  1. Complete an interest card.
  2. You will attend an in-person MPD Prospect Day during which you will take part in the following events:
    • Body Fat Screening
    • Physical Ability Test
    • Document Screening
    • Fingerprinting and Photograph
    • All candidates who successfully complete the four components above will then complete their National Testing Network FrontLine National Written Exam at 1 pm.
      NOTE: Candidates who have previously taken the FrontLine National Written Exam, within one year, at any testing location are exempt from retaking the examination on MPD Prospect Day.
  3. Complete the Personal History Statement through our online system “eSOPH” to begin the background investigation process (criminal checks, references, employment, social media checks, etc.).
  4. Take a polygraph examination.
  5. Undergo a comprehensive background investigation.
  6. Submit to a medical and psychological evaluation and undergo a comprehensive background investigation.
  7. Receive MPD review and approval.